We have a new multimode mutlieverything rf network!

After a week or so of hard work we have a new multimode rf network. Built with 3 debian servers and a mess of software we can now have our own reflectors on C4fm, D-star and DMR. It is still in development and may not be super stable but over the next few weeks this will change. We have a collection of 4 repeaters/hotspots that are connected on the same network, you may wonder well how does that work? We have a lanx at all 4 sites with our local fiber provider, the only machine that connects over the internet is the master so we can link to brandmeister. Since we can also change reflectors on each repeater in c4fm and dstar mode there is some magical witchcraft to allow that to happen since the repeaters are not directly connected to the internet. At the time of this post our fusion and dstar reflectors(actually our whole infra) is not available to countries we deem as "not freedom friendly" this will of course change in the future. For details about how to connect to our network check out the network info page in the top menu. Pictures to come soon!